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What is Axon?

What We Stand For

Axon's Madison location was founded in 2015 to be a place where anyone can come and get a great workout. We want you to leave feeling better than ever. Showing up can be the hardest part. Let us take care of the rest. We have a different outlook at Axon Sport Performance - Madison. Our holistic approach to fitness training sets us apart from other exercise facilities. We look at the big picture and combine the best aspects of a fitness, performance, and rehab facility to embody this approach and redefine what a gym can be. Visit us and you will see for yourself.

Our Method

Axon's training system combines the best training techniques with its proprietary electrical muscle stimulation technology, the i-Myo PRO to provide you with the safest and most effective workout ever designed.  The i-Myo PRO targets and super-stimulates specific muscle groups as you train which, when combined with 100% effort on your part, results in incredible gains in strength, speed, power, endurance, muscle mass, flexibility, mobility, functional movement, and pain relief. 

Let us match you with the perfect option to achieve your fitness dreams!



Axon's Fitness classes are unlike any other.  Workouts target a specific region of the body each day.  The more often you train, the stronger and more balanced your body gets; leaving you extremely fit and bulletproofed from injuries!


Weak muscles in the body, much like the weakest link in the chain, hold you back from reaching your athletic potential; robbing you of strength, speed, power, flexibility, mobility, and endurance as well as being the underlying cause for injury.
Axon's Performance training system includes a daily scan on the i-Myo PRO to find your weakest muscle which will be rapidly strengthened on the PRO as you exercise, making it the most effective way to increase athleticism and ward off injuries!

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The vast majority of pain and injuries are caused by the muscles' inability to absorb or produce force adequately, resulting in the forces being redirected and absorbed by the wrong tissues.  This is known as a compensation pattern which eventually wears down and injures the tissues since they are performing a job they weren't designed to do. 

Axon Rehab is similar to Performance in the way it involves a scan on the i-Myo PRO; however, the difference is that we are not looking for weak muscles, we are looking for dysfunctional muscles that can no longer contract or lengthen properly through their full range of motion.  Therefore, the focus is on re-establishing the muscles' ability to move through its full range of motion under greater and greater loads until pain is gone and proper function is restored to an adequate level.  It is at this point you may merge in to Performance, Fitness, and/or return to sport and life activities!

Additionally, all Axon Rehab cases are managed by our Chiropractor, John Murphy.  He will assess and diagnose the injury and give an estimated timetable for return prior to performing Fascial Manipulation, a specialized form of deep tissue massage, followed by targeted Chiropractic adjustments as needed.  Then he will send you out with Dan for the aforementioned Axon Rehab.

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Founder, Owner, Trainer

Dan Trautman MS, CSCS

Dan opened Axon's Madison location in 2015 so he could provide state-of-the-art training and rehab to help others achieve their athletic, fitness, and pain-relief goals.  Prior to Axon, Dan earned a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Exercise Science from UW-La Crosse while playing football as a wide receiver for the Eagles.  Additionally, Dan gained professional experience with internships at Standford, Wisconsin, and the Gatorade Sports Science Institute along the way.  Today, Dan resides in Middleton, enjoys spending time with his friends and family, love the outdoors, he is happily engaged to his fiance, Michaela; and they are proud parents to their little kitty, Mila.